Explain Software QA Roles and Responsibilities

Trainee QA Responsibilities: 

  • Read and understand the Business requirements
  • Read and understand QA test plan and approach
  • Prepare Test Scenarios
  • Prepare Test cases
  • Test Execution
  • Defect raising
Senior QA Responsibilities:
  • Read and understand the requirements
  • Prepare module level or iteration level QA Test plan and approach
  • Prepare test scenarios and Test cases
  • Prepare Automation test scripts
  • Review Test scenarios and Test cases prepared by team members
  • Review Defects raised by team members and Defect analysis
  • daily status reports
  • Schedule KT session to team members
QA Lead Responsibilities:
  • Under stand the Business by attending meetings with the client and business analysts
  • Prepare whole project Test plan and Approach 
  • Prepare Daily and weekly status reports formats
  • Send weekly execution status reports to the shake holders
  • Resource planning
  • Have calls with customers weekly to update the project status and test execution status
  • Automation frame works
  • Review the test design and automation scripts very high level


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